Nascars Freak Accident

Before I begin writing what I have to say, please note that I am a nascar fan and the restrictor plate races are my favorite.Now fan safety is a major issue.In this case i am the fan safety advocate. I think that is more than fair.Let,s look at this from a fan versus nascar perspective.The nascar drivers,pit crews,safety teams,spotters and so on are continually trained as to the extreme dangers involved in the sport of nascar. The fans come to have a great ,exciting time never giving a thought to getting slammed by a steel shock absorber.With this said ,may i continue. I recently read an article labeling this as a freak accident.In my opinion ,there is no such thing as a freak accident when you line up 40 aero designed machines to run mph near 200. When you add bump drafting as a factor,freak accident is not a factor. I would think a woman who leaves a four year old child in the car in the driveway ,goes back to get her purse and the child knocks the car out of gear and it rolls back and smashes the neighbors car.To me this is a freak accident.Well now we have the freak accident scenario behind us.NASCAR must look for every possibility,scenario,chance,gamble and pray as to what can and will catapult a part or whole of one of these machines through the barriers and into the crowd.My heart sank to my stomach when i watched the crash.You have machines running under and over other machines. you have no scientific ,proven data as to where a machine can and will go,say if it were to slide all the way up either windsield rail and over the top of another me this would project the highest point of flight, and if a 3rd machine is involved ,who knows.In my opinion a 6" tear in one of the fences is unacceptable.I do not belive the fence in place now will stop a full speed direct front or rear hit. My heart sinks to my stomach ,once again.How old are your fence and steel systems.Steel looses strength as weather and other factors persist. Are they embeded in concrete.It decays and weakens through the years.Well I,ve had my say for now, BUT, if Nascar doesnt make major changes I will be back. GOLFOREVER