Nascar Fan Safety

After saturdays crash at Daytona,I,m sure there are lots of people asking,can this happen again. The awnser is yes. Had saturday been sunday horrific would have turned into catastrophic.The reason i am writing this is because i invent and design a lot of safety related products(home,const.etc.)Regardless if NASCAR likes or dislikes my idea,at this time they are probably open to any suggestions. I have only viewed the crash 3 or 4 times, but i feel had the car went airborne from a farther position from the wall and fence ,there is the possibilty the entire car could have went into the crowd.I, don,t feel car aerodynamics is a feasible awnser.I,am for every cable and pin that holds parts of the car to the frame. My suggestion is to raise the safety fence another 8' IN HGT. and change the fence design to a three fold system. Maybe 1' between the fences.Now you have a 3 part system,so if fence #1 tears, fence #2 is the backup.If fence #2 tears, fence #3 is the backup.The odds of a large part of the race car shearing through three fences is not likely,although theres still the chance of small parts going through.There are other parts of the track besides the stands that a race could possibly go airborne and across. What,s on the other side?.Fence extensions are needed here as well.You could also consider a spray on adhesive wax to spray on the fence closest to the track. This would reduce friction if the car was sliding on the fence. I think this is NASCARS biggest wake up CALL ever. There are entire families, just like mine and yours sitting in those stands.I love the superspeedway races and action, but fan safety must come first and foremost.Maybe this idea will promote better ideas. If you like my idea all i ask is you help promote my website and occasionally consider buying a gift. Golforever