The longest PGA drive on record was made on September,25,1974.Davis Love III hit an unbeleivable 515 yard drive at the Mike Austin Senior Open  at Desert Rose,Las Vegas.Love was 64 years old at the time!

World record longest hole in one

Who holds the world record longest hole in one ever scored? Brett Nelson scored an ace at Ko'olau Golf Club in Oahu,Hawaii on a 448 yard par four.

Golf Driving Range in BIRMINGHAM,AL.

There is a golf driving range conveniently located on the grounds at the Birmingham Race Course.It,s less than 1/2 mile from the interstate exit. Take exit 31 off of interstate 459 near Trussville. NB go left. SBgo right. Straight to the red lights and through the gated entrance. Your there!

Lightning Safety

 There are 25 million cloud to ground lightning strikes in the United States each year. Lightning strikes kill an average of 73 people per year ,with the state of Florida having the highest statistics.